Unveiled - A new awesome landing page

Unveiled - A new awesome landing page

Ortsbo Live & Global - Bridging The World's Conversations

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Dramatically increase the attendance of active participants to your public or private event by instantly turning your local or national event into an international one. Ortsbo's Live & Global platform takes your event from local to global by enabling people to participate in your event using conversational translation in real-time from anywhere in the world.


It's easy. Participants simply register and log into a specialized website branded to your event.


During the event participants can type and submit questions in over 50 languages to be answered live at the event by your celebrity or guest speaker. Responses are typed in the language of preference at the event and instantly translated to all viewers.


Truly Live and Global

  • Reduce Your Costs

    Imagine the cost savings with having no airfare or translators to hire. Participants log in from home, their office or wherever there is Internet to participate instantly in their native language

  • Meeting Your Needs

    Utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Live and Global service is secure and scalable to your needs. Whether you are having a closed door meeting, an international press of a promotional event with a top celebrity, the Live and Global team can provide webcasting, set design, venue procurement, advertising and promotion, moderation services and more.

  • Reliability

    All aspects of the Live and Global event are built and managed by the Ortsbo team. Components of the services can include:


    • Event Branding

    • Media Buy

    • Website Front End

    • Registration System

    • Marketing Communication

    • Chat Management

    • Live Video Production

    • Streaming/Syndication

  • Experience Microsoft Dependability

    Utilizing Microsoft Azure ensures that you are being provided a safe, secure and stable experience.

    Live and Global is your turn-key solution for connecting with audiences on an interactive and international scale.